Curly hair routine for 2C-3A curls

A curly hair girl has her good, bad and worst hair days. But their are ways to  manage your hair without hating or chemically treating them. If you go through with chemical treatments it gives nothing but a long period of weird and damaged hair,trust me. It's better to have a consistent hair care routine... Continue Reading →


Types of curly hair

A curly hair girl always wishes for straight hair but actually what she needs is easily manageable hair. That is not a crazy wish to ask for. All we need to do is provide some TLC to our natural curly hair and in return we’ll get beautiful curls.Before starting off with routine you should know... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Care

Monsoon the season of ‘Beautiful climate, outing with friends, cozy sleep, beautiful music with a cutting Chai, garama garam Samose, Pakode, batata vada’ everything just seems perfect until problems tag along like frizzy unmanageable hair, multiple skin and health issues. Moist climate brings your skincare’s A game down. But there are ways to fix everything.... Continue Reading →

Skincare for Men

Everyone in today’s world needs to take care of their skin irrespective of their gender. Everyone needs a skin care routine. So here I’m for all you guys who need some skincare advice to bring out your natural skin as it was before puberty hit you. ( just kidding :p) You need to take a... Continue Reading →


Troubled, she untangled her earphones, went and sat by the window (her favorite spot) listening to music as everyone claimed it’s a great distraction and way to unwind. But she knew there was nothing for her to unwind from. But somehow she was still tired. It was merely peer pressure to work or may be... Continue Reading →

Neutrogena Sunscreen SPF 50

Everyone needs a good sunscreen all year long and as summer is all upon us I took this opportunity to share with you all what's my favorite sunscreen. Irrespective of your age, gender and field you need a good sunscreen. What it claims? Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with helioplex broad spectrum uva-uvb PA+++... Continue Reading →

Neutrogena – Oil free moisture SPF 15

I started using this product by reading reviews about it online and assuming that it’s in the same range of Neutrogena moisturiser for combination skin (which I’ve tried previously and I absolutely adore that <3). I am always in for multipurpose products. So as this product promises sun protection and moisturiser I planned to buy... Continue Reading →

Travel essentials | Leh Ladakh diaries

Leh Ladakh is a beautiful vacation spot to choose if you need a chill out place or beautifully serene place and yes it’s worth every beautiful description you have ever heard about it. Scenery there was like a bright beautiful canvas. Being said that I would like you to know that it isn’t for everyone.... Continue Reading →

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