Hair rebonding- how to switch back to your natural hair texture?

Hair rebonding is an amazing experience but more than 90% of women are not at all happy with the aftermath. They wish to switch back as they get tired with crazy wild and frizzy hair on top of their head and silky smooth hair at the bottom. But all she needs to do if she... Continue Reading →


My hair rebonding experience

Teenage years are full of experiments, that arises from the peer pressure to be as perfect as celebrities. In turn that leads to taking wrong decision of experimenting with different treatments that are available in the market. One of such big mistake is chemically treating your hair. What you don’t realise is one needs extra... Continue Reading →

Curly hair routine for 2C-3A curls

A curly hair girl has her good, bad and worst hair days. But their are ways to  manage your hair without hating or chemically treating them. If you go through with chemical treatments it gives nothing but a long period of weird and damaged hair,trust me. It's better to have a consistent hair care routine... Continue Reading →

Types of curly hair

A curly hair girl always wishes for straight hair but actually what she needs is easily manageable hair. That is not a crazy wish to ask for. All we need to do is provide some TLC to our natural curly hair and in return we’ll get beautiful curls.Before starting off with routine you should know... Continue Reading →

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