How to dress : Rectangular body shape

If your upper and lower body is almost of same size with slight or no waist curve then you’re a rectangular body shaped female. Your body shape can also change to this shape as your age or give birth. To confirm your body shape click There are various kinds of rectangular shapes. For instance lean... Continue Reading →


How to dress : Hourglass female

If your upper half and lower is approximately of same size with a narrow waist than you’re an Hourglass shaped female. To check your body shape check: This shape is considered as ideal shape for women.It is what every women aspires to be and every man adore to look at. Your best features: your... Continue Reading →

How to dress: Apple shape female

Every girl is beautifully different in her own ways. There are different body types for every girl, no two are same. There are various ways which helps every girl to bring out her best features. Now it is possible that you might find half the tips not working for you because we all have our... Continue Reading →

Know your body shape

Each and every female all around the world have one thing in common, ‘we love shopping’. In other words it can be called as our religion. We follow it blindly without any shame. But girl you know the struggle we go through while shopping it’s like whole new level of Cardio in itself. But don’t... Continue Reading →

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