How to do at home facial?

My skin type is Combination skin. It took a while for me to figure out what my skin type is and how I should treat it, as it involves a lot of observation. I also have blackhead and get tiny white boils when suddenly my routine is disrupted or part of PMS issues and many... Continue Reading →


How to choose skincare products

“Healthy skin is reflection of overall wellness”                                                                             – Dr. Howard Murad Winter is all upon us and everyone is looking for some or the other product to apply on their skin to get rid of dry, flaky and irritated skin. This is the basic guide to get you out of that dilemma of how... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Care

Monsoon the season of ‘Beautiful climate, outing with friends, cozy sleep, beautiful music with a cutting Chai, garama garam Samose, Pakode, batata vada’ everything just seems perfect until problems tag along like frizzy unmanageable hair, multiple skin and health issues. Moist climate brings your skincare’s A game down. But there are ways to fix everything.... Continue Reading →

Winter Care

For many, winter brings a shining opportunity to flaunt all those stocked cosy winter wear but for others it’s a season of dry, chapped, rough skin and super dry and frizzy hair. There isn’t  any way out to get rid of cold, chilly and dry weather  but  there are a few things we can do... Continue Reading →

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