How to do at home facial?

My skin type is Combination skin. It took a while for me to figure out what my skin type is and how I should treat it, as it involves a lot of observation. I also have blackhead and get tiny white boils when suddenly my routine is disrupted or part of PMS issues and many more skin issues.


So when my skin looks as if I have been through a lot, I do at home facial treatment which works perfectly fine for my skin but you might have to customize it as per your skin type or to the products that might work for your skin.


Step 1

Cleanse/ Remove makeup


I take a spoonful of coconut oil and warm it in palms and then apply it on face and start massaging it on my facial skin. After makeup starts breaking down take a cloth preferably a little coarse (not too much though) and then dip in hot water with some disinfectant in it. After about a minute or so wring it out. Then spread the cloth over your face and after 10 -20 seconds, wipe your face with that warm cloth. You can repeat dipping the cloth in water and re-cleaning your face. Let your face air dry and then massage the rest of the oil on your face and then finally wash it off with a mild face wash/cleanser and some warm water.


Step 2



Once my face is all clean I steaming my face as it open pores and help with my next step.


Step 3

Exfoliate/ Scrub


After steaming our pores open which helps us to remove all the gunk off our face. So after steaming take a bead size amount and rub it between your palms and then spread it on your face and gently massage it on your skin, for 30 seconds or so. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Note – If you have excess acne don’t ever do this as your pimples will explode and it will aggregate your skin condition. The puss inside the pimple is infective and hence your whole face might start having pimples because of the infected puss.


Step 4

Face pack/ face mask


Well I have always had oily skin and now it’s more of a combination skin so a fuller’s earth based face pack work very well with my skin. So I generally use a ready to use face pack or mix same proportion of fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder and mix it with rose water. The consistency is runny so that it can dry off well and if you observe properly when it dries, it sort of sucks out the oil on your face which is why it looks as if you have small water spots once it dries out. Wash off your face with lukewarm water by massaging it  in circular motions and then wash it off leaving a residue behind. Give a final rinse with cold water so as to close/ minimize the pores.

Note – Now my dry skin beauties I don’t think that fuller’s earth works for you so you need to do a little research before you use this method.


Step 5



Well any toners that I have used(both high end and drugstore) have made my skin feel sticky and make it look dull and tanned. So I use rosewater as my toner which works really well with me.

How do I use it?

Don’t apply it with cotton as cotton soaks half the product and it’s a waste. So fill an empty spray bottle with rose water and spritz it directly on face or you can directly pour it over your palm and pat it on your skin. After this leave your skin to air dry.


Step 6



I use a light moisturizer with a dime size amount and warm it between my palms and apply on my face and necks and then leave it to dry and absorb. I also apply a lip balm and an under eye cream. (apply it really gently as our eye area is really delicate)

Following is the products list that I use and I haven’t mention it in the above method as I don’t want all of you to use same product as everyone’s skin is different but if you want an idea of what I use then find it below:

Skin type – Combination skin

Cleansing Oil – Parachute coconut oil

Disinfectant – Dettol

Scrub – Ayorama fairness daily scrub

Facepack – Himalaya neem face pack

Moisturiser – Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer (Read my review)

Eye cream – Iraa insta renew (Read review here)

Lip balm – I keep switching between Nivea care Lip balm/ Biotique cherry/ Biotique almond and good, old, trusty Vaseline

Read how to get your skin back to life in my most recent blog.

Pic courtesy – Google images

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