How to choose skincare products

“Healthy skin is reflection of overall wellness”

                                                                            – Dr. Howard Murad

Winter is all upon us and everyone is looking for some or the other product to apply on their skin to get rid of dry, flaky and irritated skin. This is the basic guide to get you out of that dilemma of how to choose your skincare products, as there are so many in the market.

Start by determining your skin type

Always remember that your body may consist of different skin types depending on different areas on your body.

Skin on the face and the body can be of same or completely different types.

How to determine skin type?

How to find your skin type?

For face:

There are basically 4 skin types

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination

Start off by washing your face with facewash and then keep it bare for 30 minutes

 After 30 minutes take a mirror and start observing closely.

You need to take a closer look of where is the oil secreted on your face. But remember that everyone’s face secretes oil. It doesn’t always mean your skin is oily. You need to answer 2 questions:

  1. In which areas oil is secreting?
  2. Is it greasy or just glowing?


  1. If your face feels smooth you’ve normal skin
  2. If you’re experiencing dry feeling or your skin feels tight then you’ve dry skin
  3. If your nose and forehead(t zone) has oil secretion with cheeks feeling normal or dry then you have a combination skin
  4. If your face has oil secretion at multiple places then you have an oily skin with a greasy feeling after your touch.

For body skin:

There are basically 2 types of body skin types – normal and dry skin. One can easily find products in the market for these types.

 You need to notice your body skin for few days then you’ll be able to tell if you have a normal skin type or dry. If you still are not sure find out by this test.

With your finger draw a line/ scratch your hand and leg.(Do it lightly. Don’t hurt yourself). If you see a white line then you have dry skin. The intensity of white will determine the level of dryness. If the line is too flaky and white then your skin is very dry.If it’s slightly white then it’s just dry. If you have sensitive skin your skin will turn red.

If you have sensitive skin anything and everything irritates your skin or makes it red. My advice is go see a dermatologist as he/she can tell you what exactly you can use to reduce your sensitivity. As there are many products in market that are not made keep sensitive skin in mind and may give bad reaction to your skin.

Usually what happens is that our body reacts differently to different weather condition it tends to be drier in winter; normal in summer; little oily or sticky in winter. You need to pay attention and figure out if you need extremely hydrating products or just a tiny layer of moisture on your skin. Always remember to keep your skin well hydrated on the outside as well as inside.

How to figure out what products suite your skin type?

As the competition has grown so much, companies usually write for which skin type is a particular products suite well.

If not, you can pay attention to catch words.

For dry skin types find words like hydrating, extremely hydrating. You can use oil based or cream based products. Everything is typed on product so pay attention and read well.

For normal skin find words similar to moisturizing. You can use products that aren’t too dense or moisturizing as you’ll feel the product floating on your skin.

For oily to combination skin, find words like moisturizing, light, very light. You can go for gel based products as cream based products might creates issues with your skin as it won’t absorb so much moisture.

 With all of this being said this is just a guide on how to choose your skin care products. At the end of the day you know your skin best. This is just guideline to get started. If after distinguishing you still can’t understand what suites you then you can always do your own research. If you can’t understand your skin DO NOT EXPERIMENT. I would advise you to go seek dermatologist help first to understand your skin better.

Everyone needs to take care of their skin inside out as our skin represents us.

Thank you for reading ❤


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