Tried and tested 10 Pinterest hacks

Social media is full of hacks. You name it and it’s there. Beauty hacks, Life hacks, School hacks, College hacks, Computer hacks, and the list never ends. Most of them are shared on Pinterest which is like the hub of hacks. Some have practical use whereas some are literally useless. There are also a few which can be edited and still be used in better ways. So let’s check 10 of them which are too good to be true. Do they really work or they don’t? Keep reading to know more.

56d98b7d347a2c76a073b5fdbf0926fb1. For the clumsy in you :

Everyone gets clumsy one day or the other, but if you drop oil or God forbids, oil from pickles or vegetable, you’ll never here the end of it from your mother. But there is a way out. Just sprinkle generous amount of talcum powder on the spot, cover it with powder.DO NOT APPLY WATER, you need it to be dry. Lay it straight and keep it for few hours until you see the powder absorbing the oil. Later just dust of the powder and wash the are with detergent. What I do is that I use the expired powder that I have. It doesn’t have to be talcum powder any smooth powder like anti fungal powder, baby powder will do.


2. If you break it than you gotta put the bread on it :p

Jokes apart, if you break a glass you know what a big mess it creates . best thing to do is wear your shoes(probably the cleaner ones) and pick up a bread and start pressing it on glass particles. what it does is the damp break picks up tiny particles.My Mumma sometimes uses some dough it acts brilliantly well than bread as it’s much sticky. Just make sure to not hold the part that has stuck glass particles on it. 


3. Ever wondered why does your mouth stink even after brushing?

This is why.You’re welcome.


4. Alternate method :

Put them in some Kerosene or Acetone for sometime and than wipe them down.


5. This one is to remember :

Sometimes you gotta wait for an interview or for a presentation where you just can keep yawning. So try this, it always helps.


6. OMG! don’t ever try this. 

It will keep burning like crazzzzyyyy. Freshly shaved skin has the tendency to get super sensitive and imagine scrubbing it and again shaving. Big NO NO.

Instead, try  bathing with warm/ hot water at the end scrub your legs and then shave them. Easy peesy.


7. Depends on your institute

If you are in schools and colleges with no eatables during tests rules. No one is going to let you chew gum. Period.


8. Does not work.

The logic behind this is your eyes eventually feel tired and then you feel sleepy. This won’t happen as your eye will feel too much of motion and after a while it will kind of hurt instead of feeling tired.


9. 100% works

No one breaks in their new shoes but yet you have to wear them as the matter of excitement or need. either ways you can stretch out your shoes one/ two size bigger. If you need it just slightly bigger than wear thinner socks. if you want much bigger wear thick socks and just blow dry it in everywhere evenly on your shoe. Once you’re done don’t be in hurry to remove them. Walk around your house as they need to cool down in stretched condition.


10. Yes, this is how it works.

Heat opens up the pores. You need to open pores before cleaning/ scrubbing them with hot water.  Then you need cold water to shut them because if they are left open dirt can get in them and cause it to clog or cause acne.

Well, this was fun as hacks are my favorite things to read and try them. I hope you had as much fun knowing them. Do let me know on what should I write on next. Also let me know if you have more hacks and which ones do you follow.

Thanks for reading



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