Hair rebonding- how to switch back to your natural hair texture?

Hair rebonding is an amazing experience but more than 90% of women are not at all happy with the aftermath. They wish to switch back as they get tired with crazy wild and frizzy hair on top of their head and silky smooth hair at the bottom. But all she needs to do if she wants some hair left on her head is stop damaging hair any further. I’ve myself went through the trauma thrice, first two times I gave up and did it again but then after seeing degrading quality of my hair I planned to be sane and face any given challenge that arises.Read whole story here.Following are my 100% tried and tested ways :

There is a misunderstanding with the word “permanent” when you get Rebonding done.

Understand the process well first, if you get rebonding done to your hair it permanently smoothens and straighten your hair but only the ones that go through treatment. Your growing hair wouldn’t be a part of it and it will grow as per your usual hair texture. There is one upside to it that your natural hair can grow well if you take proper care of them.

How can you nourish and provide TLC to your hair?

Once you get rebonding done understand that your hair will need twice/thrice as much care as your natural hair. So after 30 days and 30 days only get oil massage before every hair wash. Do hair spa once in 15/30 days. Use shampoo and conditioner designed specially for rebonded hair. If you use regular shampoo your hair will loose the rebonding effect gradually. They can also damage if you don’t take proper care of them. Don’t over wash your hair or you’ll strip off the moisture.

How often can one do rebonding?

You shouldn’t do rebonding more that once a year. your hair needs a bigger break as the treatment is very damaging to your hair.

Stylist needs clients so if he/she will tell you that you can do rebonding once in 3 months/ 6 months/9 months do not listen to them. In fact change your stylist. Find the ones who care about your hair more than you do (Not every stylist are bad there are few who won’t damage your hair at all at any given circumstances.)

How can you get your natural hair texture back?

I know it’s heartbreaking to hear but there’s one and only way – chop your treated hair gradually. Few inches every 3 months. Once you get rid of treated hair, your hair would be as good as new.

Hair routine for newly growing hair

Now your hair routine should change. Use shampoo conditioner that are nourishing to your natural hair and continue with oil massage, hair spa, hair mask, and avoid over washing your hair.

How to style your hair everyday with newly growing hair?

Yes I know it looks weird(I feel you girl) but you need to stick around with it little more. Don’t forget to apply some hair serum for smoother hair.

  • Back comb your hair and clip it exactly where you see the partition between natural and rebonded hair.
  • You can part hair in middle and start twisting front hair and clip it at back
  • Start front braiding hair and continue till the end leave it for a braid effect.
  • Or twist it for a braided bun
  • Or pin your hair for a pretty hairstyles

Hair style for special occasion

  • Easiest way is to go to a hair stylist
  • You can also buy a hair straighter and style your hair straight/wavy/curly
  • You can also blow dry hair straight/ wavy/curly
  • If you want to go natural than find an interesting hairstyle online and do so.
  • Don’t forget to use hairspray as your hair can go back to its natural state if you don’t use it.


  • Hang tight, let your hair grow and keep getting few inches cut every 3 months and in matter of only 6/9 months you would have reversed the damage caused.
  • You can also tie your damp hair in a bun for heatless curls
  • If your natural hair is wavy, then braid your damp hair for waves
  • If you don’t want to compromise on the length but your hair ends are damaged then sit with a pair of scissors and big towel or cloth. Part your hair, twist it and cut only the split ends to reduce at least some damage.
  • I would suggest trimming hair as it’s convenient and can give your natural hair texture back within no time.
  • If your hair falls between 2A-3C category then you can pull off a lot of braids and bun styling with a slight puff at the crown and as your curls wont be too tight


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