My hair rebonding experience

Teenage years are full of experiments, that arises from the peer pressure to be as perfect as celebrities. In turn that leads to taking wrong decision of experimenting with different treatments that are available in the market. One of such big mistake is chemically treating your hair. What you don’t realise is one needs extra TLC to maintain it, which often gets ignored when you don’t have proper knowledge about that treatment. So here is my story about rebonding my hair.

What is rebonding?

Rebonding is chemical treatment which makes your hair permanently silky and straight. It’s said to be a blend between softening and straightening.

My hair before rebonding

I had type 3B-3C curly hair till age 17. At that time I felt as if my hair weren’t growing at all. But the truth was they were growing, but because of curls I didn’t see much length. They used to get clumpy as I didn’t have a hair care routine. I used to use oil massage pre-poo. After washing my hair I use to towel dry them which made it clumpy. I also used thin comb to comb my hair. That was it.

How was I tempted?

I had seen a lot of girls at my college getting rebonding done. So once when I was visiting my salon I saw someone getting rebonding done and felt like having silky straight hair. So bad decision kicked in and I planned to do rebonding to my hair.

My rebonding treatment

So I went to get rebonding done to my hair. This process goes one for about 3-4 hour straight. It starts  with chemical application to your hair then wash and straighten your hair. Then they reapply same chemical, wash and straighten your hair for last time. In this process your hair kind of gets fried up as they tend to not completely dry your hair and use straightner on semi dry hair. You can see steam coming out from straightner. While that was on I could smell weird chemicals but the pain of having unmanageable hair made everything bearable in my mind.

Dream came true

After my treatment I was truly happy because I could see more length because of silky straight hair it was like a dream came true. I was showing off my new hair everywhere. For first 3 days I couldn’t  wash my hair or tie them or get too sweaty or tuck my hair behind my ears. After my first wash after rebonding treatment my hair seemed really beautiful to me. I used no different routine then oiling my hair before shampoo, use special shampoo conditioner for my hair. Which was sufficient until my hair started growing.


 Now the problem with this is my original hair look completely different than my new treated silky smooth hair. So my hair looked very weird when they started growing. So the new terror began so I ran to my stylist and I got to know I couldn’t repeat the treatment for a year if you want hair left on your head  ( – _ – )  I had to deal with weird wavy- curly hair at the roots and silky hair at the bottom for a year. I could only do a ponytail or a bun to hide my hideous looking hair.

Bad decision cycle

So with the need to look perfect I continued the process again. What I didn’t  know was when you repeat the process your hair starts getting weak and become really thin. I had no volume whatsoever. But I had the need to look effortlessly perfect. I didn’t see my damage till I did rebonding for the third(and final) time. I repeated the process thrice only because it was really difficult to wait for my original hair to grow till my desired length.

How I put an end to the bad decision cycle?

But then I choose sanity and compromised on my length and got my hair cut little by little every three months and finally got rid of treated hair. Now my hair is back to life as I changed my hair care routine. ❤

I know it’s a long story but I had to share it because if someone out there is in the same dilemma as I was I will help them. My following blogs will be covering following topics:

  • What things to know before rebonding?
  • What routine to follow if you just got your rebonding done?
  • What to do if you want to grow out your original hair?

Click here to find your answers

You can also suggest me rebonding related topics you want me to cover.

Keep reading for more.

Thank you.



image source : google images


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