Curly hair routine for 2C-3A curls

A curly hair girl has her good, bad and worst hair days. But their are ways to  manage your hair without hating or chemically treating them. If you go through with chemical treatments it gives nothing but a long period of weird and damaged hair,trust me. It’s better to have a consistent hair care routine to get through your dilemma of unruly and frizzy hair.

A good curly hair routine starts before washing your hair that is good old oil massage. Yes, it is true and tested by generations and Grandma recommended :p

Step 1

A good hair routine starts before you shampoo your hair. Start with oiling with 1 or mix of multiple carrier hair oil like olive, coconut, castor, almond, etc.  Choose what suites best for your hair. You can also add vitamin-e oil or essential oil. (Note that these should be used with carrier oils stated above). You should leave it in for minimum 30 minutes to overnight for best effect.

Step 2

You can also maximise benefits by taking steam


Immerse a towel in hot water, wring it and cover your hair with it. Do it twice.

What this process does is that it helps your hair absorb the oil by opening the pores.

Step 3

While washing make sure to run warm water through your hair to get rid of excess oil as it begins to loosen up because of the warmth. Shampoo your hair with mild shampoo (as harsh shampoo will make your hair dry and frizzy and take away your efforts from oiling).

Make sure to finish it with a cold water rinse and follow it up with a good conditioner (focus mainly on hair length below the nape of neck). Leave it on. Finish your bath and then give it a final cold water rinse at the end.Make sure to not rub and dry your hair. Gently squeeze out the water and wrap it with a soft cloth or use an old tee.

Step 4

When your hair is half dry start applying your hair products in your hair for best result.

I usually use a leave in conditioner with serum or quick absorbing non-sticky oil. While applying make sure you scrunch it in your hair to promote curls. If you drag it you will end up with pulled apart curls which no one wants.

After this it works best if you scrunch and put a loose bun so that the weight of your hair doesn’t weigh the curls down.

Step 5

Let it air dry and let your curls show their magic to enhance your look and by doing this you won’t damage your hair and promote healthy curly hair.

Note :

  • This is my hair routine every head of hair is different, so try and personalised this routine looking at your hair and scalp needs .
  • Over washing your hair is not an answer to any hair problems. In fact you’ll end up with worse hair issues.
  • You just need 2-3 washes in a week. As your hair pattern is curly oil that’s secreted on your scalp takes time to reach your hair ends. The oil that’s secreted by your scalps helps keep your hair health. So avoid over washing as it will make your hair dry and frizzy.
  • Keep alternating with hair oil or combination of hair oil till you find what best suites you.
  • If you continue to face hair problems see your Physician or a specialist for the same.

This is a quick and easy way to give some TLC to your wild lock. Helps you tame them to avoid lion’s mane. Hope this blog helps you and give you some idea of how to enjoy your natural hair texture without hating them.

Keep reading my blogs if you need some more information related to hair.

Thanks for reading.



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