Types of curly hair

A curly hair girl always wishes for straight hair but actually what she needs is easily manageable hair. That is not a crazy wish to ask for. All we need to do is provide some TLC to our natural curly hair and in return we’ll get beautiful curls.Before starting off with routine you should know that there are 3 types of curls with 3 subcategories each. You will have to classify your curl type before deciding your hair routine as every type of hair needs something different from the other.


It starts with straight hair that falls under 1st category with no wave pattern whatsoever.

Gradually it curls up in following category and subcategories;

Wavy hair falls under 2nd category;

Defined curls fall in 3rd category;

Coily/kinky hair fall under 4th category.


Every category has 3 sub categories A, B, C.

Where A starts with slight curl and moves toward B and C with more defined curls in each category.

So as explained 2A is slightly wavy; 2B and 2C gradually fall under curly type.

Similarly, 3A is curly with a more “S” shaped curl as compared to 3B and 3C which are more defined curls gradually forming a coil.

Finally, 4A is more of an “S” shaped coil; 4B and 4C start to form denser coil which are the most coarse hair type.

How to know your curl types

First define which is the broad category you fall under.As given in cover photo.

  • 1-Straight
  • 2-Wavy
  • 3-Curly
  • 4-Coily/Kinky

The best way I can explain the categories and subcategories is imagine looking at a curling wand or pencil. If we wrap our hair around pencil/ curling wand the way it will curl is type of curl a person has.The most chubbiest curling wand or pencil (i.e.with more circumference) is A and when going towards B and C it keeps reducing its thickness/circumference. So the thickest starts from 2A>2B>2C>3A>3B>3C>4A>4B>4C the thinnest pencil/wand will be 4C.


For example,

So if you have wavy hair if your waves are barely there you are 2A;

if your waves are slightly defined you have 2B;

and if your waves are perfect you have 2c.

The same logic follows for each categories.

Now you may find your hair are mix of a few hair types which is completely normal. Just find out which category can you relate with most. Once you know your hair type it will be so much easier to find right products to use and make your hair look naturally beautiful.

Also if you want to know a curly hair routine wait for my next blog on Curly Hair Routine

Thanks for reading.



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