Skincare for Men

Everyone in today’s world needs to take care of their skin irrespective of their gender. Everyone needs a skin care routine. So here I’m for all you guys who need some skincare advice to bring out your natural skin as it was before puberty hit you. ( just kidding :p)

You need to take a certain amount of care of your skin for it to function smoothly. In order to have a healthy looking skin you need to put in a little effort as healthy looking skin doesn’t come naturally. But there are a lucky few, who don’t have to do anything to look good. But if you aren’t one of them then don’t worry it takes only a little effort each day to look good. All it takes is a skincare routine. If you don’t know anything about it, then don’t worry I’ve got your back. I’ll help you with your skincare routine. It would be something which you can do without wasting much of your time on it or without making your sister/mom/fiance/gf/wife to slog for it.

Let’s start with the easy way out – skincare routine with store bought products

  • Skincare starts with cleansing, so when you go for shower buy a loofah that helps remove dead skin off, as our body is soaked while showering. It’s the best time for scrubbing your skin with loofah and soap/body wash. Just make sure you don’t scrub so hard that your skin gets peeled off, just apply medium pressure.
  • For your face never use soap as it’s harsh for your sensitive face skin. So always use a face wash. Go for the most basic ones. If your face seems to have any sort of conditions then do consult a dermatologist.
  • For hair the only rule is Keep it clean! You have the advantage of short length, use it! Your hair won’t take much time to dry. If you apply hair gel/hair wax do wash it once in 2 days as product builds up which needs to be cleaned to have healthy hair. Being said that don’t overly wash it or you’ll loose the nourishment from natural oil that secretes on your scalp. Use a shampoo that fulfills your scalp needs and conditioner for hair condition.(for e.g. use a shampoo for dandruff prone scalp and moisturising conditioner for dry hair)
  • Before shaving if you have rough skin or bumpy texture don’t forget to wash your face with lukewarm water. It will open your pores then use scrub and massage it on your face for smoother shave.
  • Once you’re out of shower it’s the best time to moisturise, as your body is already moist you’ll need very little amount of moisturiser. This process will make your skin smooth and supple. If you don’t like fragrance then go for musky smelling body moisturiser.
  • Apply a decent amount face moisturiser to lock in your moisture Neutrogena Moisturiser. Use sunscreen to avoid sun damaging your skin Neutrogena Sunscreen SPF 50 after you step out of your house.
  • For lips go for lip balm for men as it won’t give you any fragrance/waxy finish/shiny finish. This is very crucial as you don’t want chapped looking lips as they look very unpresentble.

You need to keep few other things in mind too

  • After getting back home always remember to wash your face with face wash as face secretes oil and oil attracts dirt. So face needs to be cleaned to get rid of sweat, oil and dirt.
  • Reapply moisturiser.
  • If you need an Ayurvedic product instead of moisturiser I would suggest you to go for Vicco Turmeric Cream it’s absolutely beneficial.
  • You can also go for Aloe Vera gel as it’s completely natural and gives you natural glow.
  • If you want to do something extra just follow this regime.
  • It’s called cleansing-scrubbing-toning-moisturising. All you have to do is :
  1. Buy a cleansing milk, scrub, toner, moisturiser (which you already have from daily routine. Yay!)
  2. After washing your face after you’re home apply little amount of cleansing milk on your face a wipe it with cotton.
  3. Then take a coin size amount of scrub and start massaging your face with round motion and gentle pressure. You can also use Chana Daal powder with some water and use it as chemical free scrub.
  4. Then wash your face with lukewarm water
  5. If you want something extra apply Multani Mitti and sandalwood pack mixed with rosewater/water and let it sit there till it dries.
  6. If you don’t want to make your face pack you can buy it in store which is ready to use formula.
  7. You can completely exclude step 5 and 6 if you don’t have time/patience.
  8. Just soak your cotton with toner and wipe your face with it to close your open pores from lukewarm water.
  9. Finally after toner dries apply a pea size amount of moisturiser on your face.
  10. After doing this your skin will feel clean inside out also if you continue using it for a week or so. You will yourself be able to tell the difference.

Finally, all this is just external care of your skin. It does need care and nourishment from inside to show outside. So also focus on a healthy lifestyle along with this skincare routine.

With all this being said there will always be some sort of alteration. There is no hard and fast rule. It’s just a general routine which I think everyone can follow easily. You can always take what you like and leave what you don’t.






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