Neutrogena – Oil free moisture SPF 15

I started using this product by reading reviews about it online and assuming that it’s in the same range of Neutrogena moisturiser for combination skin (which I’ve tried previously and I absolutely adore that <3). I am always in for multipurpose products. So as this product promises sun protection and moisturiser I planned to buy it. You don’t want to layer two products when you’re home this seems like a perfect replacement for two products in one. But it wasn’t the case for this product. I was not at all happy with how this works for my skin. I’ve combination-normal-oily skin. This product does not get soak up in skin it keeps floating on your skin giving it oily look(not dewy but oily) which is unpleasant as Mumbai has a very humid weather all year long and this product does not help at all . It makes my skin look dull instead of hydrated.

Although it doesn’t suite my skin it might suite a too dry skin type. Also people who love to see their skin hydrated or don’t mind a layer of hydration on their skin will in turn might like this product but those of you who need a moisturiser to just do its work beneath your skin and nourish it go for Neutrogena combination skin moisturiser instead of it. Check my review for it (Neutrogena – Moisturiser for Combination Skin) Trust me you’ll love it.



Not to runny or thick. Sort of like a body lotion which you need to blend a lot.



It has a very subtle smell which might bother sensitive nose people


Who can use it?

Very dry skin types can use it.



Rs. 349 for 115ml

Product not worth the price I would any day prefer Neutrogena combination skin moisturiser.


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