Neutrogena – Moisturiser for Combination Skin

I discovered this randomly about a year and half back when I needed moisturiser and my friend bought it to test this out and she recommended it to me since then I’ve been in love with this one. 


Isn’t runny neither is it thick. Sort of perfectly in between both. It doesn’t float on your skin it seeps quickly as you apply it. And gives you a hydrated feel and look. It doesn’t look oily in any ways. It nourishes dry skin and stops oily skin to look any oilier. You can layer it under your makeup before primer and you skin will look hydrated whole day without sweating or caking up.


Who can use it?

It’s said that it’s for combination skin but I think it can work perfectly for any skin type as it gives perfect amount of nourishment. I sort of jump between combination-normal-oily skin type depending on weather and my lifestyle changes. Great for acne prone skin too.


How to use it?

It worked perfectly fine for almost a year as you don’t need much you literally take like a drop or two rub (which would be one pump) in your palm so that the warmth melts the product equally on your palms and distributes it evenly on your face and neck. For too dry skin type you might want to check Neutrogena SPF15 moisturiser. (Click here for more detail – Neutrogena – Oil free moisture SPF 15 )



Its fragrance free

Love how it takes only one pump every use

It has lock so that by mistake you don’t waste the product by accidently squeezing or pumping it.

Doesn’t clog pores at all

Gives a mattified look but give hydrated feel at the same time

Didn’t notice any type of allergy

Worth every penny spent


Where to buy it?

Easily available anywhere

Buy it online anywhere where they sell skincare product

Buy offline in any stores or even any medical store for that matter



Rs. 299 for 118ml

In my opinion it a long time use product and you need very little amount so in long run it’s not a pricey product for a good quality moisturiser.



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