Travel essentials | Leh Ladakh diaries

Leh Ladakh is a beautiful vacation spot to choose if you need a chill out place or beautifully serene place and yes it’s worth every beautiful description you have ever heard about it. Scenery there was like a bright beautiful canvas. Being said that I would like you to know that it isn’t for everyone. In my last blog I’ve mentioned every little thing you should know before booking your ticket for Leh Ladakh (Leh Ladakh : Pre-Booking Jitters). Now once you’ve planned to go there please don’t be hasty or too bold and brave, you need to carry certain set of things with you for a smooth travel and comfortable stay there. So let’s get started.

Must haves

  1. Full body warmer

You get it in any winter wear shop. Buy it in whichever colour you like. I would advice to buy such colours which you don’t mind peaking little bit through your clothes as this is the only thing you’ll be wearing continuously once you get to Leh Ladakh.

  1. Beanie

You don’t want your head or ear exposing to the chilled icy wind. If wind gets you, you’ll end up having huge headache.

  1. Water proof overcoat

You need to have one because there is always snowfall or light rainfall every now and then. And you don’t want to be wet in the snow while travelling.

  1. Waterproof gloves

Buy the ones where the thumb portion could be removed as it will help you hold your camera without getting your hand frozen.

  1. Water proof shoes

Irrespective of your plan to play in snow or not you will end up in snow as the roads between travels are covered in snow. Also for hassle-free walk in snow you do need shoes and also to stop slipping (think of the havoc if your shoe slips on ice). Don’t do the mistake of going for anything else than waterproof as you don’t want your feet to freeze. Also the most important part is to have thick socks and waterproof shoe to stay warm. I suggest buy the ankle length shoes. Just make sure that they’re comfy, stylish and most importantly waterproof and anti-slippery.

  1. Camphor

Yes you read it right. Put a handful of camphor tablets in cotton napkin and keep it in your overcoat/in your purse wherever you’ll find it handy. You tend to get light headed as the air there lacks oxygen. Even if you can’t breathe start sniffing it, trust me it will be a life savior.

  1. Electrolyte powder mixed in water bottle

Keep a big bottle(atleast1 litre/person) as you can get dehydrated easily and fall sick

  1. Ointment/balm

Keep balm (painkilling ointment) handy and apply one your forehead /chest if you find trouble breathing in snow or when the temperature drops drastically.

  1. Sunglasses– not to mentioned tinted and UV protected lens
  2. Toiletries
  3. Grooming kit


Skin care

Yes, you need it irrespective if you’re a man/woman so that your skin stays in normal state.

  1. Sunblock/sunscreen – for body and face as the sunlight there is direct even though it’s a cool environment the sunlight there can affect your skin and damage it.

           (Tip : instead of just sunscreen get a moisturizer with SPF in it)

  1. Protective serum– hair serum are important to avoid static/dry hair
  2. Lip balm– keep one handy or get dry bleeding lips



Now let’s not forget medicines in excitement. I would suggest you to go to your doctor and take his consultation for high altitude travelling.

There is a tablet made so that your lung capacity improves and you can breathe easily on higher altitude which you only get with a doctor’s prescription. If you don’t want to have medicine then start going for long and brisk walking before a month or so that can also improve your lung capacity.

But if you don’t have time or due to some undue circumstances you can’t do that keep these medications handy as these are pretty much what you’ll need.

  1. Ointment – for pain
  2. Painkiller
  3. Vomiting medicines
  4. Gastric medicines
  5. Combat cough and cold
  6. Fever medicines
  7. Indigestion medicines
  8. First aid kit
  9. Lastly don’t forget to take your daily supplements or medication(if you have any)



And last but not the least FOOD

We as humans can’t stay without food under any given circumstances. So never ever forget to carry snacks wherever you go. Keep a snack pack ready. From my personal experience I want to share with you that I was stuck in snow covered place while travelling for 5-6 hours straight with no food places around. So what kept me and my family little better was dry snacks that we had packed in our bags. Because you tend to feel sick if your tummy isn’t full in such situations. So don’t underestimate the power of packing dry snacks.

Also keep two 1 litre bottle of water per person in your vehicle or you’ll feel very dehydrated and weak.

Having said all of that you’ll need some food inspiration so here is some.Mainly always try to have takeout from hotels you stay.

  1. Paranthas and pickle
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Bread butter
  4. Fruits
  5. Salad
  6. Roti and sabji/pickle
  7. Pulav or any rice preparation

This won’t turn bad for quite a long time and you have assurance at any given circumstances that you won’t stay hungry.

Also keep few dry snacks handy (they don’t have many dry snacks in stores there so try and pack some from airport/ your home)

  1. Biscuits
  2. Wafer
  3. Power bars
  4. Farsan
  5. Any dry Indian snack for that matter
  6. Mint
  7. Chocolates
  8. Chocolates
  9. Chocolates
  10. Chocolates(you’ll never have enough of it :P)

My best tip would be don’t overly exert yourself as it will put your body through a lot of exertion as the oxygen level there is way too low. With all this handy and my tip in mind you can have a very smooth journey.

Wish you a very happy journey.

If you have particular request do leave it in comment below.

Do like, comment and share what you read. Also if you have any doubts write to me in the comment box. I’ll be happy to help

xoxo :* ❤






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