Leh Ladakh : Pre-Booking Jitters

Summer is right around the corner and all we want to do is escape for a vacation to a cold place. What would be more perfect than Leh Ladakh? One of the most beautiful places in this world where nature seems like a painted canvas. The bright blue clear sky, different color of trees, rocky mountains of every possible color imaginable, white snow, desert, rivers; you name it and Leh Ladakh has it all. It has a lot than just nature to offer. It has high passes, Buddhist monasteries, tiny hamlets and local culture of Ladakh. So if you are searching for late summer vacation destination nothing will beat Leh Ladakh. Go book yourself for the coldest place and an unforgettable experience and thank me later. May it be a trip with your friends or family or a bike expedition this is the place to go.

So here I’m sharing few unanswered and untouched questions about Leh Ladakh on any site. These should be shared for comfortable and hassle free tourism.

Now once you’ve made up your mind the following  questions may pop up in your head.

What are the best months to travel there?

  • Leh Ladakh has its summer from almost June/mid June – September so the tourism industry works in these months. Also people there earn their income in these few months. So this is the best time to travel there.

Should you go there and roam by yourself or go by tours and travels?

  • The answer will differ if you’re going with kids or elders the best way is go through is tours and travel as you can’t risk anything because you will have conversation gap you don’t know the language. Plus the place you’re staying should be well equipped with hot water, heater, and blankets as the cold there is beyond bearable if you don’t have these amenities.
  • If you’re group of friends or going alone you still have some work you need to up your search game and find maps, routes and information. As there is no network there so your mobile won’t work that smoothly always so be prepped for any problems that may arise. But don’t worry if you know your researched content you’re good to go.

Once you’ve sorted that out, another question that arises is,

How to reach there?

  • I would advise you to go by air as you won’t waste much time also its absolutely beautiful landing there by air.
  • Also while booking your ticket make sure you check where your seat is as you don’t want to be uncomfortable travelling, a few extra bucks will make sure of a comfortable travel.
  • But hey you plan your tour so if you are going somewhere else before Leh Ladakh you can take road travel if you’re comfortable with that.

Which tours and travels do I approach?

  • There are multiple ones coming in each area so you need to find one that is the first choice for most people. But first you need to know your price range and then you can decide more easily as to which one is more preferable to you.
  • This is a very crucial step as the experienced tours and travels tend to know more about the place and have more strength to fight whatever unexpected problems which may arrive.
  • Choosing your tours and travels may break or make your vacation.

Who should/ shouldn’t go there?

  • Any healthy adult can go there.
  • As it’s located at the altitude of 10,000 feet, visitors may suffer from dizziness, headaches or even acute mountain sickness (AMS).
  • So elder above 50 are usually advised not to go there.
  • Also anyone with breathing issues is advised not to go there.
  • But hey you live only once so if you’re confident just go for it.
  • Infants below 3 months are not advised to be taken there even if the kid has some kind of issues consult your doctors first.

Hotel recommendation

I’ve have been there and stayed in 3 different hotels. I had to change first two because the kind of comfort I wanted they couldn’t provide it but the 3rd one Lotus Hotel (check it out : http://www.lotushotel.in/ )  It had everything in it : 

  • great service
  • clean and great rooms
  • heater
  • great food you could find anywhere there
  • decent view
  • wifi connection
  • TV

I would also like to mention this is a personal experience I wasn’t sponsored in any way for this review. This is just an advice so that others don’t face the kind of trouble and discomfort that I faced.

Lastly after getting all these pre-booking questions answered you can surely decide if you wish to go and book your tickets and if so you’re in for a beautifully unforgettable vacation. Also if you want to know your must haves for this beautiful trip check my next blog.(Travel essentials | Leh Ladakh diaries)

If you have any pre-booking questions related to Leh Ladakh write that in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.Don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment so that we can help to solve out questions for ones in need of an advice.



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