How to dress : Rectangular body shape


If your upper and lower body is almost of same size with slight or no waist curve then you’re a rectangular body shaped female. Your body shape can also change to this shape as your age or give birth. To confirm your body shape click
There are various kinds of rectangular shapes. For instance lean shape, athletic shapes, leaning toward pear shape, leaning towards apple shape (for such types use few tips from other body types depending where you’re heavier)
You need to give an illusion of defined waist where you need few tips and tricks up your sleeves. Follow these tips to help create that desired curve.
The key rule to dress your body shape is to wear clothes that define your waist so that your cut the attention near your waist giving an illusion of defined waist. Wear more curve enhancing inner-wear. Avoid wearing stiff material clothes show off shoulder and back more than cleavage.
1)Necklines- wear scoop neckline, sweetheart neck, v necks usually anything that elongates your frame. If you wear anything too deep play it off with interesting camisole to give definition to your look.
2)Top- wear tops that nip at your waist or add belt near your waist. Lucky you, you can wear any kind of top. Any detailed top is your savior also you can add belt and enhance its looks more. Add accessories to your top to bring attention more to upper half. Avoid slouchy tops as the bulk up and make you look shapeless.
3)Dress- same rule goes for dress, wear dress with empire waist dress, off shoulders/ strapless dress, nipped bodycon dress, deep v neck dress, boat neck dress. Try drop waist dress as you are the body type who can pull it off like no other.
4)Pants- any kind of pants/jeans suit you slim or wide legged jeans. The slimmer the better as it looks curvy as it hugs your figure. You can also wear pleated or baggy bottom with fitted top. If you have slim waist wear any kind and length of shorts to show it off.
5)Skirts- wear girly or flirty skirts which helps give you little more shape. Like ruffles, pleats, bubble, voluminous A-line, panelled, layered, full circle and trumpet skirts, pencil.
6)Bikini- wear light and bright colors with prints, patterns and stripes. For top and bottom choose ones which add volume with ruffles, pleats, embellishments.
7)Jackets- wear ones with nipped waist or added belt jackets. You can also wear A-line jackets. Try any kind but try and avoid short jacket that end above you waist.
8)Accessories- belt is your friend .Just make sure it isn’t much embellished. If you have long waist then divide it with heavy belt. Bulk up on accessories as you can’t have enough. Wear statement neck-piece or earring (don’t wear both at once). The rule is one statement piece at a time. Avoid waist length bags instead go for handbag or sling bags.
Shoes- Wear statement shoes to give illusion of curves. Try tennis shoes, loafers, moccasins and boots with straps, flat sandals, ballerinas you have many options.
The main tip I would give you is avoid anything boxy (right from clothes-shoes). Also no two rectangular shaped female are same so keep experimenting and see what suits you the best as this is a generalization of the research.

Thank you for reading.I hope you found my body shape helpful.

Have a good day ahead 😀 🙂 :*


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