How to dress : Hourglass female


If your upper half and lower is approximately of same size with a narrow waist than you’re an Hourglass shaped female.
To check your body shape check:
This shape is considered as ideal shape for women.It is what every women aspires to be and every man adore to look at.
Your best features: your proportionate figure, narrow waist.
The key rule to dress your body shape is to wear well tailored/well fitted pieces to show off your body shape. Wear soft fabrics as stiff fabrics make you look boxy.
1) Necklines- wear slimming or low neckline to bring attention to your narrow waist. V-necks, V-neck halters, sweethearts, and scoop necks suites you the best. Avoid wide necklines like square or boat neck. Avoid wear volume enhancing details like ruffles, decorative necklines, bows, etc.
2) Top- wears tops that are well fitted with nipped waist. Wear wrap around blouse. Wear solid colors. Avoid wearing loose tops, boxy tops. Also avoid necklines like turtle neck.
3) Dress- wears ones with vertical stripes. Well fitted one pieces and dresses works wonders for your shape. Also make sure it’s a soft fabric with defined waistline.
4) Pants- stick to mid rise and high waist pants. Avoid wearing decorative pants especially on hip. Avoid baggy pants. Wear straight fit. Avoid pleats or anything that bulks up near hip. Skinny jeans make you look shorter.
5) Skirts-high waist skirts suits you the best. Avoid low-waist ones as they’ll make you look short. A-line, full circle, pencil, tulip and gored skirts in medium and long & knee length skirts will be your best bet though. You have great legs so show it off with short skirt. Avoid voluminous skirts they add bulk to your lower half.
6) Shorts-avoid straight cuts or stiff material. Go for high rise shorts.
7) Bikini- you can wear any type of bikini of any shape (lucky you!). If you need more support or want more covering you should choose your bikini likewise.
8) Jackets-a jacket/coat that follows your curves is best for you. Wear something that’s well defined at your waist. If you wear straight jacket/coat you might end up looking boxy/ short. Make sure it isn’t clingy. If you want to go for shorter ones make sure it ends above hip.
9) Accessories- try small or medium belts. Avoid big voluminous belts as they make your torso look smaller. When choosing neck pieces wear something short and in v shape to bring attention to your neck and bring attention to waist. Avoid long or wide pieces.
10) Shoes-you should avoid straight leg boots as they cover the curves of your ankles as well as above-the-knees and calf-length boots. Wear classic pumps, kitten heels, pointy or round toed shoes these works best for you.
11) Tip- instead of hiding your curves it’s time to flaunt them. So trust me, wear flattering clothes and glam yourself up. Anything that clinches in waist is your life savior.
12) Advice- It isn’t necessary that this blog will suite every hourglass shaped female but this is a generalization of research. To see what suits you the best keep trying and experimenting with various types. Because not every hourglass shaped female is same.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day ahead.

Stay tuned for How to dress: Ruler shaped female.


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