How to dress : Pear shaped female

pear shape

If you’re a pear shaped female your fullest part of your body is your lower half or your hip section. That is why the name spoon shape/ pear shape/ eight shape.
To confirm your body shape check my previous blog ( )
Your best features you need to highlight are well defined waist, narrow shoulders, and flatter stomach. (Eeep! lucky us 😇)
Features you need to take focus away are wider hips, heavy thigh and buttocks.
The key rule to dress this body type is dark colored bottoms and light colored tops. You want to draw attention to your upper half that is narrow shoulder and small waist which creates an illusion of balanced body shape.
1)Necklines – Wear necklines like plunging necklines, boat neck, off shoulder, cowl neckline and sweetheart neckline.
2)Top – As your top half is more flattering you should wear well fitted tops and don’t wear loose tops as they don’t look flattering. Printed tops always look flattering on you. Layering can save your day especially in winter but make sure the layer inside is tighter. Body hugging ruffled top looks the best. Peplum is like it’s made for pear shaped females. Wear empire tops. Wear tunic tops are they make you look tall, wear poncho sweater in winter,
3)Dress – A line dresses are your best friend irrespective of any length as it clinches at your waist. Empire dress will look great on your shape.
4)Pants – Tailored pants gives an illusion of tall physique so wear those they can be long or short, wear boot cut jeans it evens out body shape, Capri are not for you, neither are narrow bottom jeans with detailed pockets. Wear flared bottom.
5)Skirts – Wear a line skirt that makes your waist look defined, avoid fishtail or pencil skirts.
Shorts- Completely avoid wearing hot pants or short shorts (I feel the pain girl but can’t help it)
6)Bikini – Embellished, ruffled, light colored top; moderate or full coverage bottom, one piece bathing suit with lighter upper half.
7)Jackets – Wear a jacket that accentuates your top like wear ones that end near waist or go below hip not at them. Shoulder pads or puffed shoulder will work great for you. Wear detailed jackets.
8)Accessories – Wear bright colored scarves or choker or a necklace or a long earring that brings attention to neck. But don’t over accessories only one statement piece at a time.
9)Shoes – Heels/pumps of nude or dark shade will work great basically anything that lengthens your leg like peep toed shoes.
Tip– If you think wearing over sized clothes will hide your heavier bottom it’s exactly opposite of it. So trust me wear flattering clothes and glam yourself up. Anything that clinches in waist is your life savior.
Advice– It isn’t necessary that this blog will suit all pear shaped women but this is a generalization of research and what I have seen and experienced. To see what suites you the best keep trying and experimenting with various types.
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day ahead.
Stay tuned for how to dress: Hourglass female


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