How to dress: Apple shape female

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Every girl is beautifully different in her own ways. There are different body types for every girl, no two are same. There are various ways which helps every girl to bring out her best features. Now it is possible that you might find half the tips not working for you because we all have our problem areas. So for that to work, flaunt your best features. But girl if you want to flaunt it all I’m no one to judge I’m just trying to help those who need little advice on dressing according to their body type.
Let’s start with an apple body shape female.
As I said in my last blog if your top half is heavier than bottom you’re an apple shaped female. Your best feature are your legs, hips and arms so girl flaunt them. Areas you need to take the attention away is your mid section. You need to highlight your lower half which will give it a balanced body illusion
Let’s start with
Necklines (This goes for tops and dresses):
You have fuller bust so flaunt it. Now being subtle is the key here. Wear v necks, plunging necklines, scoop neck and strapless.
Avoid too decorative neckline, boat neck, off shoulder, halter neck.
Tunic tops are your friend and loose shirts suite you the best (By loose I mean comfortable fit and not sticking to your body), wear downward flowing tops.
Top shouldn’t be clingy, baggy, boxy or which fits your waist
Choose a jacket that helps camouflage your mid section. It shouldn’t have many details in terms of design or decorative stuff. Choose single breasted over double. A tailored blazer, coat or jacket can work wonders.
Wear A- line dress. Buy something that doesn’t have built in waistline. Avoid ones which have elastic waistline. Show off your bust and legs. Wear something with empire waistline. You can pair it with a jacket nipped at waistline
If you’re skirt lady and apple shaped you’re at luck wear full circle skirt,
A-line, bias cut. Avoid tight fitting around hip or which follows waistline. Don’t give in proportion
Wear fitted jeans but not skinny ones. Also avoid pants with a lot of zippers. Wear denim pants, straight cut or flared trouser. Pick pair which doesn’t get stuck at your waist as it will create a muffin top. Pick high waisted pair as they’ll hide waistline it will look slim and more defined.
Wear shorts that aren’t the ones which get cuts high up in your leg. Wear high waisted shorts.
Focus on wearing shoes that lengthen your lower body like pointed toe shoe. Avoid bulky shoes.
Wear something that covers your mid section with v neck and halter neckline.

Thanks for reading 🙂 😀 :*

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