Know your body shape

body shapeEach and every female all around the world have one thing in common, ‘we love shopping’. In other words it can be called as our religion. We follow it blindly without any shame. But girl you know the struggle we go through while shopping it’s like whole new level of Cardio in itself. But don’t you worry girl I’ve got your back. So if you’re on a budget or want to keep your wardrobe minimalist and functional or want to shop effectively so that you don’t feel like you picked up something that wont suite you or if it doesn’t bring out your best features. For that not to happen you need to follow certain tips and tricks for which you need to know your shape yeah you heard it right not just your size but also your shape.
So in my following blogs I’ll talk about different body shapes and how to dress accordingly. Also you need to know that different people have discovered more than just the basic shapes. But the basic knowledge about your body works just as fine.
To find your body shape you’ll need:-
A correct measuring tape (inches)
Wear right fitting under garment s with light clothing to get correct measure.
Measure (in inches)
1) Largest part of your chest
2) Smallest part of your waist
3) Largest part of your hip
• If 1>3 then, you’re an Apple shaped female.
• If 1<3 then, you’re a Pear shaped female.

• If 1=3 and your waist is well defined ( more than 9”) then, you’re a classic Hourglass.
• If 1=3 and waist is not well defined(less than 9”) then, you’re Ruler shaped female.
Now once that you’ve figured out your body shape you can shop accordingly. In my following blogs I’ll be talking about each shape differently and how to dress for it.
Stay tuned for more 🙂 😀 :*

If you’re apple shaped female click here

If you’re pear shaped female click here

If you’re hourglass shaped female click here

If you’re ruler/rectangular shaped female click here


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