New blogging world

As you’d have rightly guessed from the name itself that this is a blog about all girly things.
I’m a kind of girl who researches about all fashion/beauty stuff but sadly there’s no proper place where I can find it all. Either the information is too short and not much useful or the topic and content is completely misleading.
So through years I have done my own research to know and learn stuff through blogs, vlogs, various beauty sites, magazines, etc.
Through my blog I intend to help someone who is looking for all the research content all at one place.
Although I can’t categories my blogs as they will not belong to one single category they will vary as follows:
• DIY’s
• Recycling of your old or unused stuff
• Reviewing product I used
• Must haves
• Do’s and don’ts
• Organisation tips
• Recipes
• Beauty and life hacks
• How to shop efficiently? (Knowing your color season and body shape)
I will keep adding and improving to knowledge with more research as I’m like any other girl out there who is eager to learn about various stuff that makes my life easier and share the same.


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