Curly hair routine with tips and tricks

Well let me first tell you that I don’t have the best curly hair out there but I absolutely love my beautiful curls. As most of you who have curly hair might know not all of us are blessed with single kind of curl throughout our head and for that matter my curls also tend... Continue Reading →


Bring your skin back to life

Obviously you clicked on this link because either you're facing some issues or just want to do some research if just in case your skin plans to go cray cray. In any case I so get you, girl. Well, don't worry we are all in this together. Everyone is fighting with some or the other... Continue Reading →

How to do at home facial?

My skin type is Combination skin. It took a while for me to figure out what my skin type is and how I should treat it, as it involves a lot of observation. I also have blackhead and get tiny white boils when suddenly my routine is disrupted or part of PMS issues and many... Continue Reading →

What’s in my September Fab Bag?

What's a Fab Bag? First things first, Fab bag is subscription bag which has makeup and beauty products worth more than the subscription price. They make you fill a questionnaire so they can understand your preference before that. After that according to the plan you chose 1 month/ 3 months / 6 months / 12... Continue Reading →

How to choose skincare products

“Healthy skin is reflection of overall wellness”                                                                             – Dr. Howard Murad Winter is all upon us and everyone is looking for some or the other product to apply on their skin to get rid of dry, flaky and irritated skin. This is the basic guide to get you out of that dilemma of how... Continue Reading →

Tried and tested 10 Pinterest hacks

Social media is full of hacks. You name it and it's there. Beauty hacks, Life hacks, School hacks, College hacks, Computer hacks, and the list never ends. Most of them are shared on Pinterest which is like the hub of hacks. Some have practical use whereas some are literally useless. There are also a few... Continue Reading →

How to choose an ANARKALI ?

Which is our most beloved festival in India? Drumrolls please – DIWALI Diwali, as we know is festival of lights. It shows Rams’ defeat over Ravan. It signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. It is celebrated with sweets, cleaning and decorating homes and offices,... Continue Reading →

My hair rebonding experience

Teenage years are full of experiments, that arises from the peer pressure to be as perfect as celebrities. In turn that leads to taking wrong decision of experimenting with different treatments that are available in the market. One of such big mistake is chemically treating your hair. What you don’t realise is one needs extra... Continue Reading →

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